Provide To You The Best Quality

From various field generator sets and residential generator sets, to industrial generator sets to commercial portable generator sets, GTS Power works in the field of electrical equipment, Air Compressors and gas CHP products with a "perfect combination of innovative design and superior performance".

Providing all kinds of diesel generator sets, high voltage generator sets, gas generator sets, mobile lighting trucks and other equipment, and its plus related systems and operations with well-known machines like Cummins, Perkins, MTU, Kubota, and Powerlink.

Our Group's reputation of providing high quality of products and materials assurance enabled us to be a part of various major national projects for power system supply & installation, starting from western part of Indonesia to the stretched far eastern Indonesia. We have done variety of projects such as high rise building, government facilities, educational centres, telecom infrastructures and data centres, factories, power plants, banks, hotels, hospitals, offices, convention halls, mining and oil / gas industries both offshore and inland, etc.

7 Values Of Our Company



Our Mission

• The quality of the goods and services that are received will be exactly the ones that are written in our offer.

• We are 100% committed to our words and our actions will only reflect what we have promised.

• We will onliy give the best products and services to our customers to the best of our ability.

• We are committed to help our customers in any way to the best of our ability without compromising our integrity and values.

• We are here not to sell products. We are here to give solutions and answers to our customer's needs and wants.

• We will assure our customers that our products are one of the most efficient generators in the market.

• We are committed to get better in providing cleaner alternatives and improving our technology for a greener earth.