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Power Solution Provider

Covering Your Needs from Industrial to Commercial Generators with Innovative Design and Superior Performance!

Our clients

High quality products and materials

Open Generator Set Genlite

Open Diesel Generator

CE ISO Silent Canopy

Silent Diesel Generator

MWM Gas Engine

Gas Generator

Lighting Tower Genset

Lighting Tower

Hybrid Power Box Genlite

Hybrid Power

Diesel Water Pump Gentile

Diesel Water Pump

Synchronized Control Genset Panel

Power Distribution

Minimize waste, maximize efficiency

From industrial to commercial, we provide inclusive coverage for all your needs.

Combine Heat and Power (CHP)

Combined heat and power systems provide multiple benefits, higher energy efficiency, lower greenhouse gas emissions, better energy reliability, potential cost savings, and improved sustainability and resilience in energy systems by maximizing resource use and minimizing waste.

Bio Power

Bio power harnesses organic materials to produce renewable energy, reducing emissions and waste. It enhances energy security by utilizing local resources and contributes to combating climate change by promoting sustainable energy practices.


Run Your Business Wisely, Shape a Sustainable Future

One stop solutions

From industrial to commercial, we provide inclusive coverage for all your needs.

Robust Engine Perkins

Diesel Generator

Reliable Gas Engine MWM

Gas Generator

CE ISO Lighting Tower

Lighting Tower

Lister Petter Engine

Hybrid Power

CE ISO Engine

Diesel Water Pump

Panelite Panel Manufacture

Power Distribution

What makes us stand out

Nationwide projects

24-month warranty assurance

Zero waste power generation system

Reliable service support

Experienced energy experts

ISO standards and EURO build-up

ISO CE Engine Manufacture

Guaranteed with ISO standards and EURO build-up

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