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Power Distribution Solution

We provide power distribution panels for efficiently spreading electricity from a main source to different areas in buildings or facilities. These panels are crucial for safe and reliable electrical distribution.

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Panelite is your go-to powerhouse for top-quality panels! We are committed to illuminating every environment with our value-added products and exceptional service. Our vision is to enhance your business landscape by providing innovative solutions that lead to outstanding results. Join us as we light up your world and drive success together.

Solution that fits your needs


Top-notch products for distributing your power
SyncP Panelite

Synchronize Panel

Sustains power sources in sync, saving energy and preventing interruptions from power-related issues.

ATSP Panelite

Auto Transfer Switch Panel

Automatically switches to backup power during outages, keeping critical systems running without interruption.

COSP Panelite

Change Over Switch

Switches between power sources smoothly, adding flexibility and reducing downtime during changes.

MDP Panelite

Main Distribution Panel

Centralizes power distribution, optimizing energy use and managing power efficiently in a facility.

SDP Paneli

Sub Distribution Panel

Distributes power to specific areas, improving control and monitoring within a building.

PCS Panelite

Panel Control System

Improve power panel control for immediate adjustments and efficient energy management.

Suitable for a wide range of businesses

Manufacturing Industries

Data Centers

Commercial Building

Oil and gas industry

Healthcare sector


Boost business productivity and profits now

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Open Diesel Generator

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Silent Diesel Generator

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Lighting Tower

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Diesel Water Pump Genlite

Diesel Water Pump

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